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The author has been working on the motifs of BIRTH AND THE CIRCLE OF LIFE since 2000

across many art disciplines. 

In oil and acrylic painting, drawing, lithography, sculpture - objects and reliefs.

It is one of the author's oldest motifs, which she is still working on today.

He appeared in both medallions about the author filmed by Czech Television as part of the Television Club of the Deaf

and he was also featured in two documentary films created by Czech Television directed by Hana Pinkavová: 

Stone sculptor Zuzana Čížková, broadcast for the first time in 2005 

and Zuzana Čížková sculptor and painter, broadcast for the first time in 2021. 

These works were often exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad, and except for a few pieces that the author keeps in the archive, they are all in private collections and some lithographs in the depository of the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. 

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