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The author created the first paintings on the motifs of "robots" as oil paintings on canvas

and plates as early as 1998, where her friends from the Brandy motorcycle club were her models for these  figurative paintings.  Two years later, these paintings were part of her first solo exhibition Untraditionally Classical (year 2000),

in the Čelákovice Municipal Museum. After a long break, she returned to this motif around 2007, when in her paintings she began to more deeply address issues of symbiosis with nature, but also the messages of church representatives

and the power of faith for individuals. And in recent years, most often life goals and the ways to achieve them, of a person living in modern times. But also the power and indispensable importance of emotions.  In a nutshell. We live without symbiosis with Mother Nature, without faith in ourselves and in a time where it is modern to correct natural feelings with reason.

And that will backfire on us, because we are not robots:)) 

This cycle of paintings was presented at exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad and is one of the main themes of the documentary produced by Czech Television directed by Hana Pinkavová: Zuzana Čížková sculptor and painter. 

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