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Zuzana Čížková

,,Art can be a small gateway to big goals."

Painter and sculptor Zuzana Čížková

is a graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Prague,

Departments of Liberal Arts and the Secondary School of Stone Sculptors in Hořice in Podkrkonoší. She completed professional internships in Italy, Switzerland and France.    

She exhibited her works in many prestigious places in the Czech Republic

and abroad, for example in the Presidential Gallery in Brussels, in Karolín in Prague, in the Grand Palace in Paris

and at other prestigious Paris exhibitions,

twice in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle.

She has won several art awards and her sculptural realizations, which are based on free creation, not commissioned orders, can be seen in Prague 9 (3 stone Madonnas Madonna's secret)

also in Prague 5 (relief Inscription in sign language), in Brandýs nad Labem (a statue of Milenko Rudolf II.), in Poděbrady and in other cities.Smaller works, especially paintings with chamber sculptures, are represented in private and state collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.  From 2010 to 2023, the prices of her paintings, sculptures,evaluated drawings and lithographs.

Zuzana Čížková's work may seem to be very diverse.

The opposite is true. More than twenty years

basic themes connect her sculptural and painting work.



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