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HANDS AND SIGN SPEECH is a motif that Zuzana Čížková has been creating in painting and sculpture since 2001. They have been exhibited  at many prestigious exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. For example, in the Presidential Gallery in Brussels, in Prague's Karolin and in the National Museum. 

In 2009, she won the Prague-London contemporary art award for this work.

Good inspiration, Wintontrain.

Since 2001,  hands have always been a part of all of the author's independent exhibitions.

In addition to a few pieces of paintings that the author keeps in her archive,

are paintings and lithographs with motifs of hands in private collections. 

Creation  Zuzana Čížková with hand motifs se  discovered in all her  television medallions and in two documentary films made by Czech Television about Zuzana Čížková.  

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