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Tvorba v letech 2003-2023

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Heads and portraits have been created by Zuzana Čížková since 2003.

They were the first sculptures she created in her special sculptural cement mixture, which she had calculated at the Maltovin Research Institute in Radotín.

They became the main part of the exhibition in Vyšehrad's Gorlica

and exposes them to the present.

These heads were also regularly exhibited at collective exhibitions of the art association  LUGHNASADH, where Zuzana was invited by Olbram Zoubek and Josef Ryzec

and where the author exhibited every year for many years. 

The Roarer's bronze head was exhibited as a central work

at the Salon Artistes Independants in Paris in 2005.

But a few years later, ŘVÁČ MAROS was exhibited at one of the LUGHNASADH exhibitions, where she regularly exhibited together with the sculptors Zoubek, Oriešek, or the painter and organizer of exhibitions and associations, J. Ryzce. 

The Waterman sculpture from the HEAD series by Čížková  was created in Olbram Zoubek's studio from his cement-osmium mixture and later became  the most popular and most discussed work among  by Parisian surrealists 

and of course it was also exhibited at LUGHNASADHU and many other important exhibitions. 

Currently, the remaining cement heads are unsaleable

and the author offers 

bronze and cement casts of statues, marked with cast number 

(in total a maximum of 3 to 5 castings from one piece). 

These statues have appeared in all the television medallions and documentaries,

which Czech Television created about the author. 

The statue Fighting for lower taxes received and receives a lot of attention:) 

From 2005. It is still Unsalable. 

The author has not been doing commissioned portraits for the past few years.

The heads of various modeling and stylizations are imprints of beings that significantly influenced the author's life journeys. With some statues, you can easily tell who they are at first glance. Others have a stronger stylization, influenced by 

circumstances of meeting and experiences with a specific person, personality.


Photos in the gallery are sorted from top to bottom 

below the newest statues to the oldest (bottom).  

© 2022 Zuzana Čížková, webdesign Samuel John King

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