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Zuzana Čížková's sculptural works are mainly realized in the following materials:
stone (now rarely), acrylic, epoxy,
into her original cement mixture created for sculptural purposes,
especially for exteriors, which she commissioned in 2004
in the Research Institute of Mortar in Radotín.
Her chamber sculptures are mostly executed in bronze. 

Her paintings are in oil and acrylic and are custom-adjusted in a framing shop, 
where each painting is framed with an original
composition of individual panels and colours. 
The paintings are thus put together with individual adjustment 
become a complex work of art.

Of course, before the painting reaches the framers, 
it's a long way to go, not only because of the technology the artist uses,
which means that the individual layers take a long time to dry
before the next layer of paint can be applied.
But also because the artist does not create in the style of
"manufacturing it like Bata cuts trainers",
and so each painting and drawing takes an extended period to complete. 

For twenty-five years, Zuzana Čížková's sculptural and painterly work has been intertwined with themes of
Paintings can also be ordered as an original print on canvas and stretched on a wooden blind frame,
but only in a limited edition, which is a maximum of 3 to 5 pieces of one work. 

With the exception of two sculptures in Poděbrady (Ludvík Kuba and St. Agnes),
all the sculptures are free creations of the artist. 

Zuzana Čížková cooperates with Czech and foreign galleries.
The works are registered in GESTOR - The Union for the Protection of Authorship z.s.

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