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Cycle: TRIPS N

The author created the first paintings on the motifs of trips N as oil paintings on canvases and panels already in 1998.

She was inspired by the landscape of her place of residence, especially Polabí and the Světice well,

where she liked to spend a lot of time and tried to discover connections between seemingly different topics. 


Later, these paintings were part of her first solo exhibition, Unusually Classical, in the Čelákovice Municipal Museum (year 2000).  Over the years, she continuously returned to these motifs and always outlined her new paths one step further

and views depending on

what stage of her life the author was going through.  

The largest collection of these paintings was created in the years 2016-2019. 

Most of these oil paintings are in private collections.  The Výlety N series became an important part of the documentary by Czech Television and director Hana Pinkavová: 

Zuzana Čížková sculptor and painter. 

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