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Cycle ELECTROFAITH-objects

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She realized and exhibited objects made of electrical materials in the form of objects and posters in  Czech Republic and abroad (Vyšehrad in Prague, Rome) in the years  2005 to 2016. 

These works are no longer available or are a non-saleable part of the author's depository. 

A monumental acrylic painting on canvas,

glued on a wooden board and lowered into a structure with the possibility of placing the object in the space, with the name KAREL IV TODAY/KAREL IV DNES.

This painting object was realized by Čížková

for the exhibition at Prague Castle, under the same name (KAREL IV TODAY).

With this work, the author reflected on the present time, when most of the contemporary and historical  personalities, many people search for  

in search engines using tablets and similar devices.


At the poster titled  17 moved in the social and cultural theme  to her family, to her beloved mother, with whom she has a good relationship and she fit her as her closest person into the role of an electro creature that changes our perception and attitudes not only towards ourselves, but also towards our nearest and dearest surroundings.  

Between 2006 and 2023, Elektrokříže traveled to many exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad in the form of objects and prints. 

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